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ALA Powder (40 Grams)


Alpha Lipoic Acid

40 Grams of Concentrated Powder

Alpha lipoic acid is a vital supplement that is needed to do a full and proper chelation of heavy metals. It needs to be added into your chelation schedule at a specific time.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid is a beneficial supplement for those undergoing chelation treatment.

Each bottle contains 40 grams of PURE alpha lipoic powder, no additives, no coloring agents, 100% pure ALA.

Chelation treatment is the removal of toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury using a product called DMSA.

DMSA alone can NOT enter the brain to remove toxic heavy metals. To enter the brain and remove heavy metals ALA must be taken at the same time as DMSA is taken.

However, you should only take ALA after several chelation cycles of DMSA only.

The reason for this is as follows:
You do not want to release too many heavy metal into your body at once or else you couldĀ become very ill.

You need to use DMSA alone for several cycles THEN you add ALA into your chelation schedule. We will tell you when to do this.


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